Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Got some interesting reading for you folks this afternoon. While it isn't EV-specific I think it might be of value to most of us.

Hacking DRM - I missed this last June but it's a good read about what is and isn't effect media-DRM. Very interesting.

Also, security consultant Ross Anderson just released the text of his acclaimed book "Security Engineering". Find the whole thing here.

And while we're talking about security check out this post on the Daily Irrelevant. Funny.

I've recently switched over to Firefox and found a sweet RSS reader called WizzRSS. It adds a tree-structure to the left of your browser. Come to a site like CNN or other news site and with a couple of button clicks you can add that site's RSS feed to the tree. Later in the day you can click on the entry in the tree and a small pane fills with that site's newsposts. Click on one and viola, the browser goes and fetches. Very intuitive and easy to use. It really makes daily news-reads (a must for any consultant) very easy.

Anyone else have any great plug-ins for FF?


Blogger Bobert Hepker said...

Customize Google, Google Notebook, and All-in-one Gestures are my fav FF extensions.

7:45 AM  

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