Monday, August 21, 2006

Secure Futures?

Hey, that's my old boss!

Apparently John Thompson, the CEO of Symantec was out at the Air Force Information Technology Conference recently and gave a keynote speech.

During the speach John was talking about securing the entire corporate environment, protecting IP assets across the spectrum and from attacks on multiple fronts and of course, he's right on all counts.

Now, while I don't think that John was specifically talking about Enterprise Vault, a large part of the EV endeavor is to secure the IP flowing through systems as much as anything else. Sure it's main goal is reducing clutter inside the Exchange stores or on the fileservers, but the product's close ties with AD and MSRMS servers bring to light another use for it: securing intellectual property.

By physically removing the files from their expected locations off to some other storage device you've added one more layer of abstraction that a potential intruder has to navigate to achieve access to those same files. Granted it's not on the same level a nice layer of 128-bit encryption, but every little bit helps.


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