Sunday, August 13, 2006

So here we are...

The blog-nation would do well to have a simple template for new bloggers that says basically, "Hi, here I am, here's what I'm doing." :) Oh well, I guess I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way.

So my name is Lee Allison, odds are that if the title of this blog dragged you in here you might know who I am. I've spent the past three years (almost) supporting the Enterprise Vault suite of products as a KVS then Veritas then Symantec employee. Gotta love corporate buy-outs, eh? If you've gotten the poduct installed and running (or especially if you've gotten it just installed but not running!) you probably had a case open that I might have worked on.

Well, as of June I decided to spread my wings and see what my resume could do out in the open field. Turns out it did pretty well. Within three weeks of posting (thank you, Monster!) I had moved and started the new job I'm working on now.

And that job brings me to the point of this post. I'll be talking about the trials and tribulations of rolling out this product. Now you might think than an ex-support engineer wouldn't have any illusions about how his product actually behaves, but in the month and a half I've been doing this I've already learned more about EV than I had ever known before and seen it do things I never saw as an engineer. Who knew, eh? Honestly, I think Symantec would do well to run all support engineers through a month or so of field consulting just to get their hands dirty. But hey, even when I was with them they never really asked me my opinions. :) No worries.

So where is this job and what is it doing? Well, I'll be striving to maintain customer confidentiality while writing this so don't expect me to even drop any clues about the customer's identity. Having said that, here's the job scope:

Initially I'll be rolling out EV/CA for a small internal group at the client site, about a thousand users all total. These people interact with external vendors and need to sift through their email to ensure that if a vendor has promised to deliver X number of widgets then they actually did so. Pretty straightforward stuff, eh?

My plans here are at least two updates a week, more if I can manage it. Mondays and Wednesdays will be the major updates. Also, I'll try to link to points of interest around the blogosphere, assuming that email security things are of your interest. And hopefully poke a little fun at life as we know it in modern IT-land.


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