Friday, August 25, 2006

Tech Tip Friday: Message Classes

From the customer's point of view the best way to determine if EV has archived a piece of mail or not is via it's icon. However, for engineers there is a better way, viewing the message's message class, which directly controls the icon being displayed.

The best way to see the message class in Outlook is to go to View | Arrange By | Custom. From the Field dialog box add in a column for Message Class. Once that's done you can see message classes for all items in Outlook. Any message that EV has handled will have the class of IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.XYZ

So what else can you do with message classes? When EV archives an item the default behavior is change the original message to a safety copy until the .DVS files are backed up. Well a safety copy is identical to the original message with the exception of being a different class.

Ok, that's neat, what can you do with it?

Well, EV support gets calls from time to time where messages stay in Pending (safety copy) mode and won't transition to archived items. Sometimes those message also fail "Cancel Opertaion" and get stuck in Pending mode. If this is the case you definitely need to troubleshoot root cause, but it is possible to alter the message class back to IPM.Note or whatever it was originally. This will return the item to a fully functional piece of Exchange mail.

There are some third party products out there that will do this or it can be done programmatically if your good with Visual Studio. Symantec doesn't provide tools to do this, but I'm offering it as an option.

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