Friday, September 01, 2006

Late Friday Thoughts...

I don't normally post late on Fridays but this is something I wanted to comment on...

Mangle Those Cell Phones is an interesting blog entry by Richard Stiennon talking about other blog entries (notice how circular blogging has become? Wait, I'm doing it too!) where the basic gist is that a company released a study where they bought 10 used cell phones off eBay or someplace and WHOA, found personal info on those phones.

Why is no one looking at who this company is? (Note to self: Come up with a 'pulling my own hair out smilley") I know it's completely coincidental but *gasp* they happen to sell products to secure cell phones. Hello?

On a related note, today a group in Canada released a poll stating that Canadians overwhelmingly approved a blank-cd tax that goes to the artist and offsets piracy losses. The people who authored the poll? They're the one's who have a job collecting and disseminating that damn tax. Yeesh.


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